Realme reveal official photos of the phone Realme X design complete control of pop-up

Published company Realme account at its official Weibo first official images of the phone and its expected associated with Realme X, which comes the design of the camera the pop-up to display full screen.

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Use Realme to launch a new version of the smart phones available on the 15th of May, as already revealed by a lot of specifications released next, as it outlines many of the shopping catalogs design available for Realme X.

Today Realme official photos phone Realme X via its account on the site Weibo, where applicable, the phone in the colors white and the color gradient between blue and purple.

Also comes phone Realme X screen AMOLED display size 6.5 inch quality FHD display plus, with the distinctive design is framed too skinny, The sensor fingerprint built-in screen, it also has full phone control pop-up selfie accurately 16 mega pixel camera.

In the back of the phone comes Realme X camera double characteristic sensor, a key strictly 48 mega pixel camera, with sensor and a secondary 5-megapixel depth imaging, along with LED flash at the end of the settings of the camera.

This version features chip Snapdragon processor 710, with random memory 6 GB RAM, storage capacity of 128 GB in the flagship model of the phone, also comes the ability battery 3680 mAh, with fast charging technology VOOC 3.0.


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