Reasons you should spend more time alone

A careful observer, having studied the modern world, you will notice that in it the ball is ruled by larks-extroverts: early start employment and training day, the desire to be in constant communication, meeting with friends, corporate culture, work in teams, teams gathered on a random basis as in kindergartens and in offices. The desire to communicate with people less or to spend some time alone with him is often met with incomprehension, if not pity of others. But how badly loneliness and time spent alone with yourself, as they say?

How often do you spend time alone with yourself?

Why is it difficult to spend time alone?

Perhaps it will surprise you, but many people prefer to stab yourself in shock than spend 15 minutes alone. The widespread aversion to loneliness can be quite dramatic: a quarter of women and two thirds of men in the study from the University of Virginia chose to expose themselves to the shocks and not do anything and spend time alone with your thoughts. As told to The New York Times , a Professor of psychology at Carleton University (USA) Robert Kaplan, historically, that the loneliness was pretty bad reputation. The problem is that we forget that loneliness can be a choice. Thus, the choice of loneliness does not mean that you sit alone with yourself throughout the working day. Because there are so many studies demonstrating that people are social creatures who benefit from interacting with others, “people are trying to deny that spending time alone is also important.”

According to researchers, staying alone can be helpful health and emotional state

Moreover, some people experience solitude only with other people. Earlier studies have shown that people often feel uncomfortable, especially when you think that they are being watched. Reassessment of what other people are paying attention to us and concerns about what we will be judged, can prevent us from doing something that otherwise would bring joy. So, according to the results of a studyconducted by researchers from Columbia University, people, being alone with my thoughts and giving yourself time and space without social distractions, can sometimes feel scary. Also, other studies have revealed that when a person is alone is a lack of incentives from the outside and not the ability to rely on others does not allow them to shape your own life experience. At the same time, the researchers note that it is necessary to understand the difference between the loneliness that really hurts and is harmful to health, and the ability to spend time alone with his thoughts.

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Why it’s good to spend time alone?

An online survey entitled “Test centres” have shown that most activities that people find most soothing is something performed alone. Despite the social stigma and fears about the fact that spending time alone is unhealthy. People who listen to their needs and appreciate the loneliness of discovering new ideas and interests without worrying about the opinions of others. Thus, the results of another study revealed that adolescents are less self-conscious when alone.

The ability to spend time alone with yourself is not to be confused with loneliness

Thus, knowledge itself facilitates the search for other people who share your interests. It can also help to overstate friendships: do you support relationship with a friend just because you used to do anything on Friday evening? Or should I spend time alone than in the company of people you don’t like? In addition, time spent alone can improve performance, ability to interact with other people and creativity. Thus, the study, published in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science, showed that brainstorming is enhanced when participants alternate between brainstorming alone or in a group.

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In the end, each person has his own perfect balance between how much time he spends alone and with others. However, no one will be happy and completely healthy, if you will only perform one or the other. The choice to spend time on self-study can have mental, emotional, and social benefits, but you need to spend time alone. In a culture where we often confuse solitude with time for yourself, the ability to appreciate time for yourself should not be perceived as something negative. Time spent alone with your own thoughts can help us to cope better with negative emotions and experiences such as stress and emotional burnout.

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