Recife SNIPER F16 new exclusive benefits and IPTV multiple


Join the official available SNIPER F16 new to the list of official servers that support the operation of the satellite manufacturing technology of IPTV to our ancestors in this category “Tiger – Spyder – ask” bias varied up in the end to the 24 months you can follow all the sports channels and entertainment open Encrypted the quality of the FHD display.

Contributions that are supported by official available SNIPER F16

  • Surfer Empire for 24 months
  • Surfer Echoo for 15 months
  • Surfer IPFOX for 12 months
  • Surfer Ultra for 12 months
  • Surfer GOLDEN for 12 months
  • Surfer DOCTOR for 12 months
  • Surfer Haha for 12 months
  • Surfer PalSat for 3 months.
  • Surfer shearing TShare for 12 months
  • A H265 to have channels BeoutQ for non-limited and other associated pain
  • A SAT IP
  • A video-on-Demand VOD

Specification device SNIPER F16

  • Internal storage space of 8 GB and memory random 1 GB.
  • Supports Wi-Vai, without the need to install a piece outside.
  • Contains a lens to receive the signal from the remote to sing to you about the number of the external accessory to the device
  • The entrance to the USB stick and the entrance link HDMI
  • With respect to various encryption systems the start of the pace passing through the PAL power View and down to the tender.
  • Turner, account and Bordeaux high-efficiency
  • The device has a remote Number 2
  • A reflection of the sound from the devices smart ( MIRROR )

Ask about this device at the nearest distributor hardware official available in your city


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