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For many people the cell phone is one of the most important aspects when choosing a gadget. The camera functionality is not limited to “clicks” photographs and recording videos. The smartphone camera has many applications from job opportunities with augmented reality to the recognition of objects. Moreover, the algorithms of modern apps is so perfect I can identify anything.

The future is now. Your smartphone can recognize all that surrounds you

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Google Lens. The program to recognize the whole

Google Lens works thanks to advanced computer vision technologies, allowing you to see the vast range of variety of items. Google Lens is distinguished from other species of animals, plants, flowers, gadgets from different manufacturers and many more. In addition, for some objects Google Lens will also provide links to purchase if possible. It’s clear that to buy a cat you no to offer will not. But why not get home a nice table, which you saw in the cafe?

Download: Google Lens

Pinterest. For designers and not only

Pinterest is a visual search tool, but based on some other algorithms. The app is primarily designed to search for paintings, interior items and other things which can be useful to designers and artists. Like Lens Google, Pinterest allows you to link the purchase of the desired item, if possible. Besides, the advanced social features of the app will help you to ask for help from the community, if the algorithms do not give you the desired result.

Download: Pinterest

Coinoscope. Search coins

Yes, the program can be called a very highly specialized application for numismatists, because it is aimed only at a specific category of items, namely, coins. The program can recognize both modern and ancient coins. However, in addition to these features, Coinoscope is also a real archive with a description of the coins of different eras. A small tutorial for novice collectors or just lovers of antiquity.

Download: Coinoscope

Automate valves. The book of plants

Automate valves, as the name implies, to identify different species of plants, including flowers, herbs, cacti, trees and more. In addition to the name of the plant, automate valves allows you to learn the details and facts about what you found. If you want to study library applications themselves. It has more than 20,000 species of diverse flora.

Download: Automate Valves

Vivino. For lovers of good wine

Vivino is the app that helps you to buy wine of the best quality. All you need to do is make the label of the bottle. The program will then process it and provide you with all the necessary information. In addition to the overall rating of the drink, Vivino will show consumer reviews and even the average price in your area. At the moment, the app “knows” about 9.2 million types of wine. How many wines do you know? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

Download: Vivino

Food Camera. Calorie counter

Food Camera tries to help you in two ways: to monitor consumption of calories, and save you from having to enter everything manually. Food Camera comes with a personal assistant based on artificial intelligence that works in conjunction with your camera. Simply point the device camera at the food, and the app will give you information on the caloric content and energy value. Also works on drinks. All neobhodimoe information recorded in the journal of nutrition in order for you moths track your achievements.

Download: Food Camera

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