Record results from Microsoft in the first quarter of 2019

نتائج قياسية من مايكروسوفت في الربع الأول لعام 2019

Microsoft announced the latest financial results , which is for the first quarter for fiscal year 2019, as the company begins its fiscal year at the end of the previous year and not like most companies that start a quarter of the first with the beginning of each year. Have reached the company’s record earnings this quarter.

And the company was able to achieve revenues of 29.1 billion was net income of 8.8 billion, an increase of 19% and 34% respectively, this increase is due mainly to the significant expansion in the company’s services, the cloud and its users, beside to increase the sales of Surface devices, the boom of the gaming market.

Where I jumped the proceeds of the Surface to 14% compared with the same period of the previous year the value reached 1.1 billion, on the other hand it has increased the proportion of profits from the windows to 12%, thanks to the proliferation of police, and new licences granted by Microsoft and other companies to provide the system on its devices.

The Games section has increased revenue by about 44%, so that the devices cut the Xbox alone has increased its revenue to 94% due to the timing of its launch in the revenues of the system and services by 36%, and that the existence of 57 million subscribers in the service of the play contributed to higher revenue.

Speaking of cloud services, the proportion rose to 76% compared to the first quarter of the previous year, has contributed in achieving a revenue of $ 8.6% million by increasing 24%.

As the company has seen a rise in the use of its products in general, which contributed to increasing the revenues of other services, such as Office 365 by 36%, the products of the office by 16%, the وDynamic 365 51 percent increase, as witnessed by the network LinkedIn the high revenue value of 33%.

Maybe Microsoft has made record profits in the first quarter, but it is expected to achieve a new record in the next quarter thanks to the expansion of its service cloud and its strategic partner, as well as the launch of the Surface devices new.

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