Recorded in the calendar: what is the most important date for Bitcoins to expect in the near future?

Any good investor, trader or financial analyst always exercises due diligence — whether expert on Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies or traditional financial markets. Before opening a position, he always conducts fundamental and technical analysisto minimize risk and maximize reward. Often in the context of this review, the expert also highlights the important dates of the possible appearance of news that affect the price of the asset. Today I will tell you about several important upcoming events of 2019, which will have a significant impact on the price of Bitcoin.

Important dates to Bitcoin in 2019

Some events can run the FOMO effect, against which users will start massively buying bitcoins. Others may trigger bearish sentiment, that is to lead to a sharp drop or slow down of the market. News can affect the global financial market. Just recently I had such an example, when the US Federal reserve announced the reduction of the refinancing rate. The news sparked a stock market crash, and investors, in turn, ran to seek refuge for their wealth in Bitcoin and gold.

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23 Sep will be launched the long-awaited platform Bakkt for trading futures Bitcoin physical delivery of the payment. We have already written about why it’s really important.

October in General is full of exciting events that can create serious bullish sentiment in the market of Bitcoin. In the past year, the hope and the mood of the bulls were supported by the expectation that regulators finally approve the ETF for Bitcoin, that is, open-end investment funds. So far all offers have been rejected. But in October should be taken a decision on the two ETFs.

  • 13 October — deadline, when the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) needs to reject or approve the ETF from cryptochallenge company Bitwise Asset Management.
  • On 18 October , the Commission shall process the application for consideration by the ETF from VanEck, and SolidX. For a long time, analysts claim that this project has a much better chance of success thanks to the cooperation with the Chicago options exchange (CBOE).

Finally, in October must submit a final rehabilitation plan for the affected investors of the infamous and once-largest crypto currency exchange Mt.Gox. Let me remind you that in 2011 the exchange was hacked and stolen 850 thousand bitcoins. Proceedings are drawn to this day.

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The most important date for Bitcoins

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And although by the end of 2019 from the largest cryptocurrency of the tight schedule, the most important event is scheduled for 2020. Another division of the reward miners for mining a block of Bitcoin. Professionally speaking, having.

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According to many prominent analysts of the industry, this will lead to a significant increase in the prices of Bitcoin. Because the new coins in circulation will appear smaller, so demand for them will increase obviously. In other words, willing to buy BTC will be at least as much, and the number of free coins will drop in half. Among the most high-profile predictions at the exchange rate on the background of the event — 55 thousand dollars per BTC by may 2020.

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