Recruitment network LinkedIn Launches feature story

Recruitment network LinkedIn Launches feature story

Will recruitment network famous LinkedIn to other social apps which are used by the story (storey), such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Watson’s father and YouTube, too .

Snapchat was not a race between all the previous applications, where she presented this technique 3 years ago, then their occurrence at the level of the rest of the applications .

And dance is the expression of text or image or video, is displayed on all the shops of two other automatically over a period of time-mostly 24 hours .

The story then reached the recruitment network LinkedIn.

Recruitment network LinkedIn Launches feature story

Called the new feature “the voices of the students or Student Voices”, which is like Snapchat stories, aimed at LinkedIn through which college students and recent graduates.

Students will be able to see the story that will appear on The Shape of the bubble at the top of their page for their school, plus other schools nearby.

When you click on this bubble, you will see a short video clip of the student discusses some aspects of the development of his academic and professional.

Tests water New even now on a limited number of users, then will be available to all participants in the network owned by Microsoft since last year, compared to $ 26 million .

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