Reddit choose the live streaming service on the product for 5 days only!

Looks like Ridge on its way to dealing with the 2019 and enter the world of the live broadcast of the commencement of the test service is currently before the official launch.

ريديت تختبر خدمة البث المباشر على المنصة لمدة 5 أيامReddit choose the live streaming service on the platform for 5 days

Announced platform Reddit, one of the largest communication platforms on the internet, for the start of the process of choosing a service broadcast live video for a limited time on 5 days from seven o’clock until two in the morning only to the timing of Mecca as a prelude to launch formally in the case had the interaction required – it is expected from users of the product which are the source for the dissemination of information and discussions. Through the launch of the first tools to broadcast as the “Reddit Public Access Network”.

It will become a tool to broadcast ” Reddit Public Access Network” without some eligible users to experience video streaming service for a limited time this week.

As is usual on different content published on the platform, the better the owners of the broadcast will appear at the top according to the audience vote.

And the difficult task is how to maintain a safe environment during the live broadcast, which made the conditions a person is faced contravene the ban of the product; including the dissemination or photographing the content of aggression, porn, cursing, verbal and Sonic, misconduct or unlawful deception, and other things the violation of privacy of the home.

As alerted Ridge to the owners of the broadcast and the fact that all users can watch the broadcast world, so you must take that into account.

We can say that such as water will ridge to a completely different place to attract more users and turn them Center to broadcast the video.

It should be noted that platforms such as Twitter, think of the most successful social platforms in the world thanks to offered services, broadcast and video sharing between users all over the world, especially in areas such as games.

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