Redesigned Netflix for iOS control the formation of new

إعادة تصميم نتفليكس على iOS بعناصر تحكم وتشغيل جديدة

In a step in the right direction, has issued Netflix a new update for its application on the operating system iOS, and at first glance see that this version is very useful, where it adds new controls to facilitate the operation of the TV shows, the most prominent of these elements forward button forward for 10 seconds, so you can check to apply or delay, double-click on the left or right side of the screen.

These plugins are quite similar to the features of YouTube, where in the sixth when a double click is zoom the screen, but with these additions the process less frustrating, plus it became all of play button to pause the larger size, as well as add a row of labels down the screen, with it will show the list of episodes, list of health, education, and the following solutions.

Finally These additions in Netflix on iOS makes his soon-to-peer of the TVs, and to get this experience you can download the update by moving to a page on the App Store from here.

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