Redmi and BlackShark to work without their smart phones compatible with 5G networks

blackshark 2

Was Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G is the first smart phone compatible with 5G of Xiaomi company, knowing that he will soon arrive to Europe and China. At the same time, using two brands of two buy Xiaomi itself, and here both the Redmi and BlackShark for the launch of its smart phones first compatible with the 5G.

The publication Director-General for sub-brand Redmi of Xiaomi company, Mr. Lu Weibing, the words ” 5G is coming ” in a publication on the social network of Chinese Weibo, immediately after the presence of the World Conference of the Asian beauty Asian MWC 2019 currently held in the capital economic of China, Shanghai. It is estimated that by next year there will be smart phones compatible with the 5G will be less than 2000 Chinese yuan, or about US $ 300, without calculating the tax.

Published his colleague from the brand BlackShark similar publication stated that the research and development team is preparing for the arrival of the next generation of cellular networks and it will launch the phone BlackShark new will be compatible with the 5G in the future, but he did not disclose the launch date.

The director general said the brand’s Redmi to 4G technology changed life, and that 5G technology will change society, and has further confirmed that the fifth-generation networks will help in the creation of many new applications for smart phones which will be enjoyed by users.


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