Redmi anticipation for the coming of the phone Redmi Note 7 Pro with sensor fingerprint in the screen


Phone Redmi Note 7 will reach India on 28 February, the company Xiaomi is doing its utmost to maintain the hype surrounding the phone days the next eight. The last publication of the official account of the group brand Redmi in India on the Twitter network asking teachers to look closely at the image of 48 megapixels for the 7 creation of all human beings.

This picture is interesting also for many things such as sensor fingerprint built-in screen in the upper part of the figure, which makes us assume that the phone Redmi Note 7 Pro, will arrive with the sensor fingerprint built-in screen, although there is also a chance the launch of the phone Redmi Note 7 with different specifications. We’ve seen Xiaomi company already last year when the launched the Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 AI Dual Camera.

While it is likely to be the tip to the sensor of the fingerprint in general, the response calculation Redmi India on range of tweets, stated in most of the phone Redmi Note 7 Pro. There are a lot of things that you can extracted from these images, including the battery which amounts to a capacity of 4000mAh, the processor Qualcomm, and bragged Xiaomi company as a ” manufacturer of smartphones first in India “.

Twitter is actually a challenge where you must find the number of humans in the picture, then reply to Redmi India in the source link below. If you are lucky, you might win some stuff. While some may believe that the objects are white is as a person, then for the lower part of the figure. We have to count really for you, the number of persons is the number of Miss in the main camera.


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