Redmi intends to launch her TV’s first smart on the 29th day of August, will have a screen size of 70 inch

Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4

Company has achieved a Redmi a great success since she broke out on the Xiaomi company and as an independent company with the launch of the series of its smart phones, including the Redmi Note, 7 Series and Redmi K20 Series.

Now, the company will continue to expand beyond smartphones on the 29th day of August, on which day will the police remove the curtain officially on our smart TV. the first, which will prevent the device size of 70 inches, at least this was confirmed by the CEO of the Chinese company, Mr. Lu Weibing. It should be noted that this sub-brand are new in the field of televisions, but the parent company is not sure, it has launched many smart televisions under the brand Xiaomi Mi TV Series in all over the world, the latest series of Xiaomi Mi TV 4A and Xiaomi Mi TV 4C.

Cost Xiaomi Mi TV E65A, which was launched six months ago, currently 2999 Chinese yuan which is equivalent to 425 USD, and we’d like to see Smart TV new brand Redmi for almost the same price because the Redmi tend to undermine the pricing of their products At Reasonable Prices. Generally, don’t forget to come back next week for more details.


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