Redmi is planning to launch a new phone comes sensor GW1 strictly to 64 mega pixels

Use the company’s Redmi to launch a new version of smartphones during the second half of 2019, with this version sensor Samsung GW1 possible to accurately 64 mega pixel camera.

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Some reports during the financial period to the plans of Samsung light sensor 64 mega pixel camera to the next issue of phones available Galaxy A70S, and in the new leaks published today pointed out that Redmi also plans to launch the phone sensor GW1 strictly 64 mega pixel camera later this year.

I have stated in a previous report, details about the plans of Samsung to bring the sensor ISOCELL accurately 64 mega pixel camera for the first time in a series of phones expected A, this comes as the sensor with Tetracell to integrate the Pixel and support the production of images with 16 mega pixel camera in places representative of the low lighting.

It can be through the integration of 4 pixels in one point that is supporting the increased expense ratio of light to get more detail when shooting in low light, it also comes sensor the Samsung with support for HDR in real-time to resolution with 100 dB.

Recall that Samsung begins mass production of the sensor ISOCELL Bright GW1 during the second half of 2019, as models are available, the sensor at the current time have manufacturers of smart phones.


I know of

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