Redmi Redmi presented K30. 5G is the cheapest smartphone in the world

Evolution is a natural process which occurs with every electronics manufacturer. However, unlike living organisms, corporations evolyutsioniruet much faster responding to market needs, and therefore to observe what is happening with them changes on a shorter time period. However, the most interesting to watch how Xiaomi from just the manufacturer of cheap smartphones has become a global Corporation that owns several brands of electronics, and one of the main innovators of the industry.

New Redmi K30 came out just six months after the release of K20

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Today Redmi, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, has launched its new smartphone Redmi K30. He is the successor of the traditions of K20, which came out earlier this year. It turns out that Redmi waited little more than six months since the release of the previous model, obviously, finding such a time span is more than sufficient. Moreover, why wait if you already have something to surprise the audience?

The Price Of Redmi K30

Front Redmi K30 similar to Galaxy S10+, except for a flat-panel display

As Redmi K20, the new product does not belong to the flagship lineup. Therefore, the price starts from $ 230 for the version in the base configuration. However, this did not prevent the manufacturer to draw for K30 attractive design and equip it-enabled networks of the fifth generation that is still a rarity, even for flagships, not to mention the devices of an average price segment. Of course, the 5G version is a bit more expensive, but even it is not out of $ 300.

Redmi K30 front reminds me of Galaxy S10+, except for a flat-panel display. Association with the Korean flagship causes dual lens front-facing camera, inscribed in the screen. Probably, the designers Redmi decided that the periscope camera is not quite what you need, but because they took and cut the hole directly in the matrix. It turned out more practical than it was, and probably more reliable. Still, if there is no mechanism, then to fail would be nothing.

Looks like Redmi K30

Looks Redmi K30 reminiscent of the flagship Chinese smartphones, but Redmi figured out how to make it unusual

Behind the new product looks even more remarkable and, most importantly, unique. Despite the fact that many manufacturers have already focused on the rounded bulge under the main camera, probably trying to evoke with professional camera systems, the Redmi went a little different way. The Chinese have used same solution to highlight the camera, but purely for cosmetic purposes. The modules, being arranged sequentially from top to bottom, inscribed in an oblong area that is smaller than the circle. Unusual and beautiful.

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Camera Redmi K30 consists of four modules, as adopted in 2019: standard sirica 64 MP lens with extra-wide viewing angle of 8 MP, 2 – or 5-megapixel macro lens and telephoto camera module with a resolution of 2 MP. While as early to say, but since the lineup Xiaomi devices are gaining the highest marks from the experts DxOMark, we can assume that images taken on camera K30 will be decent. In the end, the Chinese are not accustomed to compromise.

Unique chips Redmi K30

Redmi K30 supports 30-watt charging

Apparently, for this reason, the apparatus equipped with a display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz in the best tradition of the flagship smartphone of 2019. While this technology is rare for industry and is found only in the most expensive devices. Another thing is that developers have to adapt their applications for 120 Hz displays and not notice the difference, most likely, will not work. But what is more practical is the battery, 4500 mAh charging 30 watts. With him smartphone charged up to 100% in just over an hour.

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The hardware capabilities of the new processors are the Snapdragon and Snapdragon 730G 765 for 4G and 5G versions, respectively. The amount of RAM equal to 6 or 8 GB, and internal storage from 64 to 256 GB. In the end, nothing amazing, but who the hell is this important? Still problems hang of the interface on the Android is not for many years, and mount on the smartphone 4K video with special effects hardly anyone will. However, with this problem, I think the machine will cope.

Is it worth buying a K30? Well, for the price that it is offered in China, definitely Yes. Another thing is that while the device will reach Russia, its price can easily grow to 22-25 thousand rubles for the basic version. Therefore it is logical to wait for the global version and order it abroad. The main thing — not to get the Chinese version the global firmware, which runs Google Pay.

Gigabit router may cost $ 24, and this is no joke

In addition, Redmi today introduced a new Wi-Fi router AC2100. The maximum speed that it can reach is 1733 Mbps. This is facilitated by the presence of as many as six adjustable antennas, increasing the range of the router. As a result, the signal of the router will be stable even through some obstacles like concrete walls and other structures. The cost of product is only 24$, which is absolutely unthinkable for a Gigabit router that supports the standard 2.4 GHz and 5GHz and WPS technology.

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