Redmi use to advertise phone the Note 8 is equipped with 64 mega-pixel camera on the 29th of August

Announced sign Redmi commercial about its plans to hold its next conference on 29 August to be officially on the telephone Note 8 that comes with a camera is a quad sensor 64 megapixels, to be held in China.

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Applies the conference of the Redmi Note 8 from China on the 29th of August, which is the first versions that reach the market sensor Samsung which comes strictly by the 46 megapixel.

I have pointed out a new report that Redmi will be two versions of this series during the events of the conference, namely the Redmi Note 8 the Redmi Note 8 Pro, also expected to be the official announcement of a TV Redmi TV.

It is planned to make Redmi phones Redmi Note 8 settings quad for the rear design of the head, i.e. in the opposite direction of the major phone manufacturers, which go recently to justify the design of circular or square for the rear multi.

It also confirms the teaser on that camera’s background includes three sensors in the middle, ending with a flash LED while sensor ToF independently to the right, also appears in the teaser sensor fingerprint in the background at the end of the settings of the camera.

Projections indicate that the version of the Redmi Note 8 Pro will come with the sensor footprint in the screen, but these details are unconfirmed currently.

Also comes sensor the main camera background ISOCELL GW1 Samsung 64 mega pixel camera, only that the leaks did not reveal the details of the settings of the camera other.

Recall that the leaks spotted during the last period in a video clip, indicated that the series of phones Redmi Note 8 supports this year’s NFC, so we expect the official announcement to confirm these details and get features and specifications of the phones, Note 8.


I know of

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