Reduce the consumption of “watts August” bouquet of the internet in this way

Consumed WhatsApp as a significant amount of data across the share photos, videos, and for owners of packages who are afraid of the consumption of WhatsApp balance, here’s how to reduce the consumption of the application package through the closure property of the automatic download of video and audio.

1 – Open the app, and go to the settings/Settings by pressing on the three dots icon at the top.

2. within settings, choose the Data and storage usage.

3 – themed Media Auto-Download select When using mobile data.

4 – will appear a list of media that you want to save it via a package of phone, leave all fields blank as the page.

5 – Press Ok. And repeat the same steps with the following two options When connected on Wi-Fi وWhen roaming, to determine if you want the same compression options when using Wi-Fi or a property الـRoaming or not.

You can also reduce the consumption of data when you make calls through WhatsApp by activating the option of Low data usage found under the option Call Settings.

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