Registration and final submission Fast Share new from Google before the launch!

We spotted you in the earlier work the Google on the development of a new technique called Fast Share, which will be an alternative to advanced to offer Android Beam old, and a solid competitor to provide AirDrop-known from the Apple TV. And now we have more details passes this final technical possible to tell the launch.

التسريبات النهائية لتقنية Fast Share الجديدة من جوجل قبل إطلاقهاRegistration and final submission Fast Share new of Google prior to its launch

Technology works Fast Share or can also be translated “rapid engagement” of Google on Android phones the same way as technical work AirDrop famous on Apple devices, but this feature will be activated through the services of Google Play and not from the phone settings itself. Will depend Vastu Cher on a Bluetooth connection to connect the Android devices to each other and then transfer the files quickly via Wi-Fi Direct .

Illustrate the delivery of new cutting-edge to Google in the development of this service, where the team noted the XDA-Developers transfer option “Fast Share” from the settings of your Google account to the contact list.

Also, Google added the ability to customize the names of the devices through this service, and in the possibility to see or hide.

It was a surprise that Google plans to activate this service on Chromebooks coupled devices, Android devices and removable poncho and even the possibility of downloading them on the iPhone!

But this latest addition is still in its planning stage, and no information is available about the possibility of their implementation for the launch of the service the first time.

Finally, it was expected to see the Technology Fast Share with the official launch of the operating system Android 10, but we hope now that we see with the launch of the phones Pixel camera 4.

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