Regular cleaning on Binance. What cryptocurrencies suffered in this time?

The world’s largest crypto currency exchange Binance has announced that it will exclude from the trading floor five altcoins — CLOAK, MOD, SALT, SUB and WINGS. The reasons for this decision are set out in the company blog. First and foremost, the representatives of the Binance appreciate the commitment of the team project, the quality and activity level of the development, evidence of fraudulent behavior, and other reasons. This is not surprising, because at least a few projects from the list of slippery story.

The token SALT

Credit token SALT almost was not heard until then, until February 2018, he does not come under the radar of the SEC. The Commission was interested to learn about the distribution of security tokens to insiders and that, where are the 50 million dollars raised during the ICO.

Writes Ambcrypto, the price of SALT fell from 18 to 1 dollar, after which the company was forced to suspend the ability to repay the loans by using tokens. While the retail price of the coin has always been too high and greatly exceeded the market value. After the announcement of the delisting Binance with the price of the token has fallen even more — from 21 to 17 cents — but then slightly adjusted and is now 0.185 dollar.

Substratum also has proved to be not very positive immediately after the ICO. As then reported known cryptoanalysis Brian Lee, the project had significant discrepancies in the data about the funds collected during the ICO. How he managed to figure out from the shared pool ICO disappeared for 2.5 BTC, 702 BCH, 1142 ETH and 35 LTC.

This information began to attract more attention after Lee talked about the home and goods for 400 thousand dollars, which was purchased by the CEO of the Substratum. Just a few hours after the announcement of the delisting price of token SUB collapsed with up to 0,044 0,024 dollar. More data look at cryptodata.

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