Regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom may cancel the deal search engine between Apple and Google

Work regulators around the world to pursue antitrust investigations into Apple TV. As to the government of the United Kingdom is currently considering the deal Apple TV with Google that aims to make the search engine Google is the default engine on Apple devices in Safari browser.

Recall that Google paid billions for Apple cool search engine of its own on Apple devices in Safari browser. In 2018, Google paid an estimated $ 10 million overall, the organizers say that Google paid Apple $ 1.5 billion to keep Google search is default on Apple devices in the year 2019.

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According to a report from Reuters, that the British are investigating the deal, Search between Apple, Google, and found that it constitutes “a significant barrier to entry and expansion” to competitors. Here’s what she said Competition Authority markets in the UK:

“Due to the impact of the operations of the installation prior assumptions on mobile devices and share Apple TV big in the market, we see that the arrangements for the current Apple TV with Google create a significant barrier to entry and expansion for competitors thereby affecting the competition between the search engines on mobile phones”.

Made body the competition and Markets British some options to change how the work of the convention on Apple, Google, or disassemble the entire page to make things fair for the competition:

“… Should be given to the authorities of enforcement a range of options to address the rise of the Apple-Google, including the claim of “screen check” to which users a search engine that you have set as the default, during the preparation of the device or restrict the ability of Apple to achieve income from placements default”.

For its part, the company has suspended the Apple TV simply to the regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom that “constraints to achieving income will be” too expensive “.

Comes this recent investigation to combat fraud after that the European Commission has just launched two of its own operations on purchases of the App Store within the app and Apple Pay last month.

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