Rejected a law suit against Google for facial recognition in the Photos app

Didn’t find the Chicago court any evidence that condemns the company Google in the criminal proceedings against her for violating the company’s privacy with facial recognition in Google Photos.

Google Photos facial recognition

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In March of 2016 held a lawsuit against Google for violation of privacy with facial recognition made in the application of Google images, where the resident student lawsuit financial compensation worth $ 5 million, with $ 5 thousand residents in the state of Chicago, and a thousand dollars for each violation of the accidental in the Photos app.

Has been refused to these proceedings, which were erected in Chicago against Google, where the judge referred in the judgment that there is no evidence against Google in violation of the privacy of users in the application of sound, also did not provide the owners of the lawsuit, any evidence confirming the allegations that came out about the physical damage inflicted on them when using Google Images.

And a lot of expectations that this lawsuit did not succeed from the outset, the facial recognition feature in Google Images for classifying most images between pets and people, for example, by collecting biometric information of the images, which allows Link names to faces that have been identified.


I know of

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