Relais planning an event huge in the 25 May

After announcing a series phones the fire of peso 10 New seems to be evolving is not over yet, this is where that the company have announced the event will be held online in May 25, next which will the then all-new products, despite the fact that Riley did not explain what these products, only that the poster promotional has revealed some important details.

Realme launching eight new products on May 25, CMO teases new smartphone

This poster according to your for Chinese the IS hints of a new product special games, perhaps the most what comes to mind is a phone dedicated to gaming such as phones Asus ROG and Lenovo to make, and in another publication in the photo below is a hint for the new wireless it is committed by the person and carbon, often with respect to this hint with Riley My Buds Wireless Pro that we heard about earlier.

Realme launching eight new products on May 25, CMO teases new smartphone

Add to that the phone held by the cartoon character in her hand identical to that alluded to director of marketing at Relais my Xu Qi Chase before, which would the Realme X50 Pro Player as one of the Warriors, has a different name when you detect the world about the phone.

Add all of the above, the new event may include detection of phones relock my X30 and realty TV to the side of the H Riley Smart that appeared in the registry more than once! Anyway follow us and we will cover with you all of the details.

Source: GSMArena

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