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We had another week in the history of our beloved Android has opened some new page. We already wrote about this on the pages AndroidInsider.rubut now we offer you to remember all the fun from the world of the green robot. Sit back, click “read more” and let’s start already.

The “green robot” is cool, but sometimes it there are questions

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Google is trying to turn Google Photos in Instagram?

Google Photos is a quite convenient tool to manage your collection of photos and videos that allow you to edit photos and organize your collection. However, more recently in its Twitter account, Google representatives said that soon we are waiting for a pretty major update to Google Photos and it will add to the application some of the features that have long been present in the popular social network Instagram. By the way, at the same time can subscribe and on our Instagram.

Why Google is trying to copy Instagram?

Regular users of Instagram probably on a regular basis storis, located in the upper part of the application. So, according to the search giant, has a similar function, but under a slightly different name will appear in the Instagram interface. The option is called “Memories”. And conceptually, it is still different from stories. If the latter is a fresh video, which are available for viewing 24 hours, then Memories is a logical step in the development of the Flashback features that Google has developed for many years.

Flashback used machine learning algorithms in order to show you the pictures you did a while ago. Memories, though, and relies on similar algorithms, builds images of a story that can save. Or, seeing a beautiful photo, immediately go to him, to edit or print on the printer.

However, the innovations don’t end there. And if it would be only in the function Memories, something about the similarity with “the social network for food” the words would not come. Google apparently really wants to make your lenses something like Instagram. The company’s specialists declare that are already working on updates that will add the ability to correspond with other users of the service and send them a photo, to share on a special “wall” to note in photos of people. While we are talking only about family members, but the important fact of working on such a function. Nothing like?

It should be understood that it is only those updates that should be out before the end of this year. In 2020, Google wants to further develop its service. However, personally we have a question: why all these “gadgets” and so convenient app to share photos? Nobody argues with the fact that innovation requires. But they have to be touching, so to speak, “themes” app.

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That is, the program for working with photos can get, say, improved algorithms for photo processing, optimization of storage and so on. Here we see the full “reformatting”. But in this there would be nothing wrong, but it seems that Google just does “Instagram second”. Why do we need 2 the same apps? After all, in order to select the part of the audience at the well-known program, you need to offer something that I don’t have competitors. Now we see only attempts to copy the original and put them in a well-known application, originally created for other purposes.

New features Android 10 threat

Every year Google releases a new version of Android, which includes those functions that were not available before. They are called innovations. Most often, they enhance the operating system and make it more convenient. However, sometimes it happens that innovations are a double bottom and what at first taken to be the extension of functionality, in fact is almost a direct danger to the user. For example, like this.

In Android 10 introduced support for parallel access to the microphone through which to interact with it may have several applications. The developers decided that this will not limit simultaneous operation of programs that need to access the microphone permanently or from time to time. Of course, such scenarios on Android is not very much, but they still occur, and therefore, they also need to be taken into account.

What’s new in Android 10? Nothing good

Obviously, Google has taken this step to expand the scope of the Google Assistant. Because now the voice assistant can be activated even in those moments when another application is already facing the microphone, and Vice versa — even if the user interacts with the assistant, it will not be an obstacle for other tasks. Everything seemed to be cool, because Google, in fact, took a step forward in the development of multitasking on Android, but, mindful of “deravasi” operating system, it is rather sad than happy.

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Well, think for yourself. If earlier you could write only one app, but now it will be able to do at least two. If you wish, and Instagram, and Facebook will record your conversations, not to mention malicious applications, which periodically experienced by some users. Of course, in order to avoid wiretapping, Google was allowed to simultaneously record only one preferred and one standard application, but knowing how easily many give applications any privileges they are requesting, the function concurrent access to the microphone in the future can become a big problem.

In General, Google can hardly be blamed for the fact that the company is trying to improve the security of Android. On the contrary, its developers and then implemented in the new OS protection mechanisms, which search for surveillance or arbitrary applications access to the different functions of the smartphone. Another thing is that it looks like the attempts of a small child to draw something. First, he diligently works on a project, then with a sense of infinite pride in their work carries her to the parent that their child simply because should be commended, though well aware that anything beautiful or even remotely pretty in the pattern. So, in my opinion, Google is behaving like the same kid, Twas and trying to make something bearable, but not enough experience, or talent.

Complete backup for Android is now really

“They have that, and that was not there before?”. This is probably the most popular question being asked by Android users, when they learn about the innovations of the latest version of iOS. In most cases this is true, because Apple prefers to introduce new features only when it deems that they are indeed relevant to the user. Because of this iOS in some aspects for a long time lagged behind Android, which was considered to be a more functional operating system. That’s just the normal Google backup brought just now.

Google One — Google cloud storage subscription

Google introduced the ability to automatically create backups on Android, which will benefit subscribers of the cloud service Google One. Actually on Android and there used to be a backup function, which does not require a paid subscription. However, it is possible to save only application data, call history, contacts, calendar, and settings, while all other information, including photos, videos, music and more, preservation is not subject.

In part, this was the point, because by default, Google gives each user only 15 GB in Google Drive, which can fill one backup. Subscribers Google One there is no such restriction, because the base rate is at least 100 GB of free space in the cloud, so they are allowed to do advanced copy photos in their original resolution, videos and even MMS messages. And are you sending them? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

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In addition to the ability to create advanced backup, subscribers, cloud service, Google get the ability to manage them in Google One. You can access it with an existing smartphone, and the loss of the old. Simply log in and restore all data in its original form. As a result, even the new device will appeal to friends due to the fact that all configuration and files to which you are accustomed will be here.

At first glance it may seem that Google somehow restricts the users which are subscribed to the Google One. However, in reality you can do without it. Despite the fact that by default, the auto backup does not allow you to save photos and videos, they can be absolutely free to download in the Google Photos where they’re not stored in the original, but practically do not lose in quality what most users will be enough. About MMS even say it makes no sense. Probably the last time someone sent MMS, 10 years ago, when there were no available mobile Internet or messengers.

Official details about the Google Pixel 4 look forward to many Android fans

When I imagine Google Pixel 4? How will Google Pixel 4?

Just a few hours ago Apple introduced new versions of its smartphones and very soon they’ll even be able to buy. But what will Google respond? Thanks to numerous leaks we already know that the search giant is Pixel 4, but official details about the smartphone are scarce. And release date of the device remains unknown. However, it is clear that Google will not delay and one of the insiders not so long ago spoke about the possible release date and several other details of the hotly anticipated smartphone.

In this case, the source of information has become famous in the circles of insider Evan Blass, who has repeatedly made predictions that ultimately come true. If you believe Evan, the Pixel 4 can be made publicly available for 15 Oct. This makes sense, because the current flagship in the face of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL has been officially revealed on 8 October last year. Date not officially confirmed (but not refuted) by the Google. However, the network has flowed screenshot, which allegedly depicted as 4 times the Pixel on the screen which flaunts a date of 15 October.

The leaked image with a possible release date for Pixel 4

At the moment about the smartphone in General, little is known. There are steep information about what the “heart” of the smartphone will be Snapdragon 855, in which the couple “will be delivered” 8 gigabytes of RAM. Display, according to numerous leaks, can have diagonal 6.23 inches. And its resolution is 1440 x 3040 pixels. Which brings us to not the most popular aspect ratio — 19:9. But, most likely, the screen can have a refresh rate of 90 Hz, which is very, very dignified. Impress such characteristics? Please share your opinion in our chat in Telegram.

Motion Sense is something new not only for smartphones from Google, but for the entire industry as a whole

In addition, a new leak concerning the Pixel 4, sheds some light on a very interesting function Motion Sense. According to the obtained from the team This Is Tech Today data, Motion Sense will be quite important part of the Google Pixel 4. For example, you can use a Motion Sense to check for notifications by assigning certain movements and gestures to perform functions. Something similar was previously implemented on other smartphones running Android. Remember the option that includes your screen, if you lift the smartphone from the table and locks it when you put it in your pocket? Something like Google is planning to implement in Pixel 4 only, the system will be brought to a new level.

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For example, if you often listen to music on your phone, you will not need to click on the special menu of the player to switch the track. You can assign the desired options to simple gestures. The system works on the basis of the sensor-radar Soli over which the company has worked for five years, and allows you to control the phone at all without touching the screen. For example, having a hand near the smartphone from left to right, you start playing the next song. It is quite convenient and allows you to control the phone almost blindly. And this is only one of the possible applications for Motion Sense. A new feature allows you to manage different programs, answer calls and messages unlock the gadget and do a bunch of other things. It only remains to wait for confirmation of the date of the presentation of the Google Pixel 4 and see it all yourself.

How to make Android faster 10? Google knows!

Why do we need updates? One they warm the soul, because if the device continues to receive new versions of the OS, so it’s still relevant. For others it is the primary way to access new features that were not previously available by default. And still others expect that a fresh build of Android will enhance performance, they are no longer the new smartphone to the level of the machines current generation. It’s hard to believe, but Android 10 that and running.

Android 10 will speed up your smartphone? Google says Yes

Google built in Android 10 system called Profile Guided Optimization, which analyzes how older devices handle the processing of applications from Google Play. Then this information is sent to the Google server, which distributes it among the devices based on Android 10. It is a kind of virtual profile, consisting of cache files, which contain information about the features of the application, but only in a highly compressed form.

As an old Android smartphone accelerates new

In simple terms, Google has decided to study the behavioral characteristics of different devices and their strengths. To do this, the company collects a vast array of data, examining which determines which smartphones handle launch apps faster, and how they get it. It appears that Google is taking developments from other manufacturers and makes them available for devices on Android 10, who are beginning to spend on opening the programs up to 20% less time. Sounds unbelievable? But knowing the talent of the programmers at the search giant, this project no longer seems impossible.

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However, it is worth noting that Google spent testing on their own applications, which the company can provide the full impact, unlike FOR third-party developers. For this reason, we would not expect a significant performance increase when running games, apps to video editing or image processing. However, according to representatives of Google, saying that Profile Guided Optimization is equally applicable both to proprietary company applications and third-party.

The fact that Google managed to speed up apps in Android 10, — definitely cool. But it is important to remember that the operating system has always been prone to the accumulation of data, which not only improved her work, but on the contrary, led to a slowdown of compatible devices and effects of system lags. Therefore, it is not very clear whether the file Profile Guided Optimization, which contain the “memory of ancestors” will be so effective that it will transform the flagship smartphone in lagausie something, urgently require replacement.

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