Release name Adobe Fresco on the application Adobe your although the iPad

إطلاق اسم Adobe Fresco على تطبيق أدوبي الخاص بالرسم على آيباد

Announced Adobe and full for the name of the applied project by Project Gemini , which revealed last year to assess the application of the custom drawing on the iPad time, especially with the advent of the iPad Pro is entirely different, has named the company applied the new Adobe Fresco.

Name comes a new app from Adobe is named after the freedom of Renaissance Italian art, which showed her different techniques of painting using the colors of the water, and may be the ideal for the special and it will experience a totally different way of drawing on the smart devices, as did the pioneers of the movement of Renaissance Italian art at the time.

Depends application Adobe Fresco in his work on the use of the brush in its various forms in order to create graphics and analysis techniques specific to the realistic graphics to the very limits, where the application uses the platform artificial intelligence Adobe Adobe Sensei which help in integrating watercolors and oily that are used brushes different in the app to give consistency between the colors in the painting.

The Adobe Fresco artists interested in spite of the use of the technique of painting with a brush or with the vector according to the need to produce design and drawings of high volatility, and thus destroy the advantages of the application of my Adobe Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch in a single environment to help interested artists to do their work with ease and without the need to leave the application and go to another in order to finish the graphics with which they work.

Will Application Adobe new platform company Cloud Creative Cloud as well as the possibility to export files in PDF format to prevent the possibility of modification through application of Adobe Illustrator later.

It is worth mentioning that the interface application Adobe Fresco is somewhat similar to the application of Photoshop on the iPad at the same time allows the import of the brush proper from the application of Photoshop.

Was Adobe had announced a project by Project Gemini in October of last year during the conference of developers which is made available exclusively for iPad from Apple to allow through the message with ease through the touch screen in the device and advanced rather than the need to exert a lot of effort and time in developing a drawing or design through the application of Photoshop basic.

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