Released car capable of hacking your iPhone at a distance

We have already heard about how to hack iPhone using complexes like GrayKey, but the company WiSpear decided to go ahead — it showed a car that is able to remotely hack into computers and smartphones.

Van SpearHead 360 has 24 antenna, which scans the devices available for hacking. Requires a vehicle and gadget victims were connected to the same Wi-Fi network — otherwise to circumvent the protection will not work.

The developers claim that you can hack both iPhone and Android smartphones and computers on Windows and macOS. Using multiple algorithms to bypass the protection system finds weaknesses in systems and hacking them. The range of the instrument is 500 metres away.

To avoid becoming a victim of such a van, it is enough to connect to questionable wifi networks, where you can become a victim of hackers. This car, however, is designed only for law enforcement. But given the cost of $ 5 million, it is unlikely that many will take it on Board.

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