Released first app for iOS with support for ARKit and ARCore

Google officially introduced the world’s first app-enabled ARKit and ARCore. The development, called Just a Line, is now available for download in the catalogs the App Store and Google Play, allowing owners of various mobile platforms to interact with each other in augmented reality.

Just a Line allows users to paint the surrounding objects, using augmented reality technology. And thanks to the “anchors cloud” (Google Cloud Anchor) in real time and tracks all the changes that the drawing process can combine several people.

Technology Google Cloud Anchor, which synchronizes the data, creates a system of cloud-based anchors, which are clinging to iOS and Android devices have access to the same graphics information. Thus, the developers tried to neutralize the gap between the competing platforms.

Just a Line — not the first and not the only cross-platform development Google. We have already talked about the game in the format of “sea battle”, compatible with ARKit and ARCore. It was she, by the way, could become the first app with simultaneous support for both platforms augmented reality.

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Title: Just a Line — Draw in AR
Publisher/developer: Google, Inc.
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal app
Apple Watch Support: No
Reference: Install

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