Released the fourth beta of iOS to developers 12

After the fourth beta build of macOS Mojave Apple introduced the fourth beta of iOS 12. According to tradition, the update will initially be available only to users with accounts of developers, but later will begin to spread among the participants of the public program testing.

Innovations iOS 12

Despite the lack of official list of innovations, it is known that the fourth beta version of iOS 12 includes 70 new emojisthat use the updated Unicode code 11.0. They include a wide range of hairstyles, shades of colors and also the expressions for emoticons.

Earlier pre-iOS 12 have got a built-in controller activity that enables users to monitor their actions with devices and also monitor with it their children. The effectiveness of this innovation were told before.

tvOS 12 and watchOS 5

In addition to iOS 12, for download became available the fourth beta version of tvOS 12 and watch OS 5. Updates improve the performance of compatible devices and also bring to their work an expanded set of functions.

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