Remember that the work to rotate your phone accidentally before the live broadcast prior to the filming of the video Record

تدوير الهاتف

Accept the heads of everyone who works or thinks or thought his use of the camera and his mobile phone for the purpose of export “video” or live broadcast on social networking sites.

Accept their heads to interfere part the technical requirements of how to get out pictures and video by photo default the good work on the various means of visual display, either on mobile phone or computer or Smart TVs and Smart Tv.

It is unreasonable to site of works on photography determinedly to hold the Phone Weight longitudinal “also hold back when you make the call” doesn’t mean that this is the shooting mode of the video ! Not aware of say that the stealth display television and film since the age of pre-Charlie Chaplin. To address accidental and “accidental” WIDE not the length in any case.

Not aware of source to hold phone actually linear when shooting a moving “video” to not be able to the camera phone of the width of the fabric most of the desired scene filmed. As someone who works on the photography from behind the crack of the door ! Barely see in the scene a person or two. Which IDE with source who insists on not interfere with it to destroy the phone. Forced him to movement left and right to export unless you are able to photographed !!

Link to photography of work would not the problem of scene content and render it less movement, if he was afraid he got on the phone to work for fear of falling out of his hand!!!

Find it burn the phone left and right too many times, let his mind there was the invention of his name, rotate the screen which is normal and logical for a change since prehistoric times.

Accept your head. I read that it found itself before the start of the imaging may God opens the perhaps the brain sends him the citizen to the need to rotate the phone.

We don’t watch video on mobile only. But watch it through the computer screen and the TV screen that displays your videos is disgusting. Half of the screen from the right, black half of the days a bit darker.

What is the opinion of the source of longitudinal, including the photograph when you view it on YouTube.. is he satisfied this burden?

تدوير الهاتفPlease..your videos very much its gorgeous, but the photography.
Remember I don’t press the button the live broadcast on the Facebook application only after to work to rotate the phone, then start shooting.
Remember to work on pressing the button Rcord for the video after rotating the phone. And on the contrary.

Is there a difficulty or the uniqueness of home phone as in the picture?

Remember that the work to rotate your phone accidentally before the live broadcast prior to the filming of the video Record

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