Removal equipment, Huawei has cost telecommunications companies Canadian million USD


As you all have heard probably, has begun many countries throughout the world in making the decision to ban the use of the telecommunications equipment of both Huawei and ZTE on the grounds that it has concerns about spying for the Chinese government. No doubt he was making these decisions with the support of the United States of America, which is trying to convince its allies since the period of the jail on the letter.

Unfortunately, I won’t be removing the equipment for Huawei and ZTE of the infrastructure of those countries so easy or cheap. According to a new report released recently from the site of the Globe & Mail, It seems that the decision to remove equipment company Huawei from a network the telecommunications companies, the Canadian will be up to $ 1 million.

Due to the fact that this process does not involve the removal of the antennas already existing, but also search for alternatives for use in this process. It seems that BCE and Telus are the most affected so far, while it appears that Rogers is mostly dependent on the equipment of Ericsson, they are some of the techniques used Huawei, but its mostly used techniques Ericsson.

Of course it remains to be seen whether the telecommunications companies will these steps or not knowing that there was no final judgment of the government’s current prohibition of the use of the technology for Huawei. However, these are some of the potential costs that may be borne by BCE and Telus in the case of the issuance of this resolution was actually the Prohibition of equipment Huawei.


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