Remove the application gReader famous store Google Play

إزالة تطبيق gReader الشهير من متجر قوقل بلاي

Enables users of Android than relying on the application gReader author of the important collection and management of RSS feeds for years, but it seems that this has ended, where it disappeared app store Google Play without warning, and when you move to the page of the store you will receive the message “sorry, not found the requested URL on this server.”

In relation to the life cycle of the application has appeared at the end of Google Reader, but it bypassed the Google platform, where he continued to help users follow the news for years after the shutdown of Google Reader, have reaped more than million download from the Play Store.

Finally there is no doubt slow the development of gReader over the years, where it was last updated in 2016, but he’s been working very well, and still the developer’s site on the Web is available, it is likely to be the application developer may decide to just stay away from gReader, or maybe it was the app violates some of the rules of Play Store New, which made Google remove it.

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