Remove the application Opera VPN on shop Google Play without explanation

إزالة تطبيق Opera VPN على متجر قوقل بلاي دون تفسير

إزالة تطبيق Opera VPN على متجر قوقل بلاي دون تفسير

For the first time we saw the application of Opera VPN available on the store Google Play in August 2016, has came to the app solution is completely free to block ads and make your browsing more secure, as well as provide to VPN free and unlimited use of data, in another sudden users have been removed the application from the store Google Play without any explanation about this removal.

With reference to the back a little bit it has undergone the Opera Company of radical changes, most notably selling its Chinese company and renamed browser Android TV, as well as having similar to kill the app other Opera Max in August last year, which referred the company to the reason to remove their application that their focus is on the browser.

So it is quite possible to have removed Opera VPN for the same reason, but in the context of another app available on the Apple Store app store till this moment, this live shuffle the cards again, finally if any new about the return of the application or not, we’ll be in the material.


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