Remove the applied Power Shade and Material Notification Shade and the reason they are malignant

إزالة تطبيقي Power Shade و Material Notification Shade والسبب أنها خبيثة

Previously it was US stations in each revision of the application Material Notification Shade the owner of the file to download from the store Google Play, the app is the other Power Shade the owner of half of the number listed, and all applications of the development of the company Treydev Inc., they specialize in customizing the notification panel from the store Google Play, without the need for the powers of the root.

At the time, who received two applications impress all users, the Google estate of her store, Google Play, and the reason that both applications carrying malicious software!

We dig deeper in this story is confusing, where a few days ago, was the notice of the users that have been disabled all apps on their devices because they are harmful, where the search security service Google Play Protect, he did his job and informed the users.

About this notice the users after the satisfaction, so I suppose the mission that the process of removal might be due to the policy of Google, unforgiving applications that use the services of “access” to something other than help users with disabilities, and suppose others blame the robot of Google for reporting something that is not harmful, and therefore was confused with the rest of the users.

To come to the final say from the developers of the two applications, noting that the case was due to the library did not own and was working behind the scenes, and said Google will inform him that it is harmful and said it “benefited from the application of the proxy to visit and retrieve content from specific web sites”.

Finally, a developer noted the two applications he made to resume but he will not receive a response until now, the strategy that will be followed is to re-publish the app under a different package, which will not lead to the loss of any functionality of both applications, however it would lead to the loss of all the numbers the download, comments and purchase information that could help in the transfer of procurement to new applications for those who paid for it.

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