Remove third-party applications in the “System preferences” on a Mac

Some third-party applications when installed create their own menu items in “System settings” — for the sake of user convenience. With the help of them you can easily set up or upgrade program, and do it much faster than usual. However, if you do not want to see these items in the settings menu, you can delete or hide. Let us consider this process.

  1. Open “System preferences”.
  2. Select View – Customize from the menu bar. Next to each item will appear checked.
  3. Thus, you can hide unwanted icons settings or third party applications.

To remove the icon, hold down the Command key and select the program. The menu should appear with a delete option.

If this method is not suitable, it is possible to do it manually.

  1. Launch Finder.
  2. Go to the folder /Library/PreferencePanes.
  3. Here are all the files with the settings panel for third-party applications. The name of the file will be easy to determine to which program it belongs to.
  4. Delete and restart our Mac.

Just like you can delete third-party applications in the “System preferences” on a Mac.

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