Rent a car everyone can. And what about the yacht?

Cars pretty thoroughly settled in our lives, and the level of technology has reached such a level that Elon Musk is testing a program in full offline ridesharing (that is, when one car is just a lot of people). You can call it the taxi network on autopilot (with Tesla, of course), but there are places where the car cannot get there.

For example, during a trip to the island of Crete (in Greece), I took the car in hire and has traveled almost the whole neighborhood when I found out what is most interesting is not on the island, and small Islands near it (one is direct and is called — “Paradise”). You can get there two ways: take a tour with a crowd of tourists who will constantly interfere to enjoy nature or to book a private trip — however, for 2-3 hours, little will see.

A Paradise island. Look at the color of the water!

And then I thought: if there is car sharing, rent apartments and even a home exchange, there are no such thing as “anthering”? What, why visit just one island when you can on his yacht (Yes!) explore the surrounding area, many of whom do not touched by man and tourists do not know about them. Thought it is very expensive (lease the same private jets comes at a price), but as it turned out, letting your own boat are many.

Thus, in the same Crete, you can rent a boat for 20-30 thousand rubles a day, and it will not double ship, and the yacht for 10 people with two cabins, and even the services of a captain. I myself would not dare to steer such a vessel without the appropriate skills, but if you have them, you can rent a smaller boat, including the boat, then the rent will cost 8-10 thousand rubles. Yes a night in a hotel is more expensive!

I noticed on the tools Nautal, as it allows you to rent a yacht almost anywhere in the world (more than 19,000 yachts 800 places). It works by analogy with the same Airbnb, but instead of apartments represented water transport. This vessel, owned by other users (or small rental companies).

Choose a yacht for rent can be independently studied the reviews from other users who have successfully booked a yacht. On the website you can find over 2,000 reviews and comments about Charter companies and captains that offer their services, plus there are real photos of the ship.

Manage your booking not only online, but in the personal account in the mobile app. Here are some of the features are similar to car sharing: if you find damage, take photos and send to the service an email with the necessary information for compensation.

Of course, you can’t make a long trip on any boat (e.g., to sail from Spain to Ibiza), for this information about each ship there is information about what the distance floats a particular boat. However, you can always negotiate with the yacht’s owner or captain (often the same people), with material protection is provided by Nautal, including if you decide to book a yacht for a week.

From childhood, we all present the yacht as a small white ships, parts of which are neatly stacked on top of each other like a wedding cake. But in fact they are small, sailing of the species very much. From this, respectively, depends on the price of the journey.

By itself, the idea is very interesting, because in the world there are a large number of beautiful boats (some of them you can read in our special article). And then who knows, maybe the 229-foot “Valkyrie”, which should become the largest yacht in the world, will be available for rent?

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