Repair Galaxy S11 might be harder than the S10 much

Phone Galaxy S11 will be harder noticeably in the jaw and reform compared with the previous generation Galaxy S10 this is so that Samsung had begun dealing with the company Weldbond Chinese to provide them with adhesives, and later appeared a report on the position of The Elec expected that Samsung will start to use the glue in a “finished” phone instead of the adhesive-double-faceted.

What will happen is that Samsung will replace contact lens dual dials which are manufactured by local companies such as NDFOS and ANYONE Inc are the glue that make companies Weldbond Chinese and H.B. Fuller us of course to make decoding device and repair it the hardest! This while the Galaxy S10 the same which was used the old way was hard in the jaw and repair.

The new method will be easier and less expensive in manufacturing and in الـFinish final for phones but for us as users phones made this way will be more expensive in the reform first will be a water resistance of less efficient, secondly because they used glue!

Source: SamMobile

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