Repair iPhone XS and XS Max would be your standard

Apple updates prices of repair phones for iPhone today, to witness the heights of a major once again make us think carefully before we use the iPhone without the Kfar good protection.

Previously, the cost of replacement screen for iPhone X about $ 279, which is up to 549 USD in the classification of “other,” which includes repairing the back glass also, these prices are the most expensive at all to fix any of the phones Apple, where the most expensive iPhone right now from where reform has become the iPhone XS Max which starts its price at 1099 $ and up to 1,449 USD depending on the internal storage.

Apple Repair sets costly records for a cracked iPhone XS Max back or display

As is clear from the prices fixed phones the new Apple TV upstairs, drop the iPhone XS may cost you $ 329 to replace the screen, which is up to $ 599 for the reform of the nail and damage the other phone, an increase of $ 50 over the repair price iPhone X for each service, as the iPhone XS max of the most expensive iPhone in the history of Apple in terms of repair costs.

Source: Apple

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