Report – Apple most creative company in the world!

Topped Apple’s list of the most innovative for the year 2017 according to a recent report issued by the foundation, Fast Company and adopted publish this list annually according to certain criteria, and the list includes 50 different company.

تقرير - آبل الشركة الأكثر إبداعاً في العالم!

Report – Apple most creative company in the world!

Why Apple is the most creative?!

Says Fast Company, she put the Apple on the top of the list due to its achievements in 2017 and especially phone iPhone X and H Apple Watch Series 3 and augmented reality platform ARKit and focus unique merger between the physical components and software than all its competitors; Paul design addressed itself to suit its own operating system, and the result is “high performance do not accept competition,” in the words of Fast Company.

Also scooped up the Apple TV the first place due to the interesting report of the artificial intelligence and preserving the privacy of users, and also obviously difficult in the field of entertainment, and improved medical technologies cross-platform my CareKit and ResearchKit.

تقرير - آبل الشركة الأكثر إبداعاً في العالم!

Topped Apple’s list of companies most creative in 2017

It is worth mentioning that Apple ranked fourth in the list issued by the institution of Fast Company last year, which assessed the performance of companies through 2016.

How is the assessment of “innovation” companies?!

It might be “creativity” is relatively subject to the views and personal challenges, but the institution of the Fast Company was trying to assess “creativity” companies with the greatest objectivity and the level of the city with dozens of editors and correspondents, which tracks thousands of companies to improve “their creations the new” and move the impact in the economy, industry and culture.

The rest of the top ten list in the list incorporated in the order: Netflix to produce entertainment content, and company Square financial services and banking, and firm Tencent and the Chinese, and the shopping website Amazon, and the American clothing company Patagonia, CVS Health specialty in medicine and pharmacy, and the newspaper Washington Post, and the service of Spotify to broadcast music, and the Basketball Association of America NBA.

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