Report: 1 percent of Android phones work with the version of the “oreo” Google is preparing to launch P


The world is waiting for released a new version of the Android operating system this year, and earlier this week Google announced it will give Developers Conference I / O in 2018 the next in the period from May 8 until May 10, 2018, in the listed “shoreline” in Mountain View, California, reported that most of the reports that the Android operating system PNew will be unveiled for the first time during this event was followed by millions around the world, but these reports encountered by users criticism is great, especially since most of the Android phones operating with old versions.


The proliferation of systems Android

Mentioned the website “TechCrunch” to the American, although the launch version of Android “oreo” for the first time in August of last year, but it is only available on less than 1% Of Android devices around the world, and this, according to Google data, which was updated during the first week of January, and not only that, but even now is still launching smartphones with modern operating system Android nougat that has passed since the launch two years, this means that the launch of the Google issue Android P doesn’t mean much to the users, because it will be in too late for their phones.

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