Report: a million download process to develop a “Facebook Lite” on the Android store

A new report reveals that a version Lite of the Facebook application has been downloaded more than 1 million times, and that in the time that the giant social networking more than 2 million users, which represents a significant achievement for the social network months in the world.

According to the published site androidpolice American, the Facebook Lite consumes a smaller space and need fewer requirements of the system, compared to the application Facebook mainland, covering an area of copy lat about 1.28 MB only compared to 67 MB for big.

In a longer version lite are common in developing markets where fewer users have access to advanced electronics, but it is also good for people who just want the basic functions of Facebook, the app was mainland Facebook is the first application on Android non-Google attracts million installed by nearly five years, he was joined by the Messenger in the following year.



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