Report: Amazon, General Motors is in the process of investment in the company rustic two

تقرير: أمازون وجنرال موتورز في صدد الاستثمار في شركة ريفيان

It seems that my company, Amazon, General Motors, in the midst of a large investment in a company manufacturing electric cars rustic, where according to a report by Reuters that both companies (Amazon and General Motors) experience two talks to invest between 1 to 2 million in the American company to make cars pickup electric.

According to the source, Amazon, General Motors, you’ll get a share of the company’s shares in this investment which in turn will serve as a strong impetus to irrigate the meet to move forward in achieving her dream and the car on the US market from this side especially after the tributes, which was after the detection of a rural two R1T, which seats up to five passengers and can cut a distance of up to more than 600 as per company.

In didn’t know any of the two companies on the merits of the investment, which may in turn means that the three companies reached an advanced stage of negotiations and may be announced page at a time close to or during the current month as reported by Reuters according to a source close.

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