Report: Amazon to hire former officials to win government contracts

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تقرير: أمازون توظف مسؤولين سابقين للفوز بالعقود الحكومية

Deliberately companies Amazon to hire former government officials to win government contracts lucrative, where he advised senior officials in the Amazon the administration of US President Donald Trump launched the internet portal new is expected to generate billions of dollars to buy technology, besides giving them a dominant role in how to buy the American government for everything from paper clips to office chairs, according to the assessment published by the British newspaper The Guardian.

The paper was based in its report on the emails exchanged between Anna Rong Anne Rung, chief executive at Amazon, responsible Former in the administration of President Barack Obama, with responsible large in the form of government services GSA about the method that you will follow his government to create a new portal, prior to the signing of the law that established the portal at the end of last year, known among his critics as “the modification of the Amazon”.

Illustrate the correspondence that took place during the year 2017 between the responsible in the Amazon, responsible agency, GSA, Mary Davie Mary Davie, the role played by the ANA in transforming the procurement policies of the US Federal Government, as offering a new vision about how to use Amazon to government officials ex who employ them now as officials-executive directors and advisors to gain influence and the drafting of government contracts lucrative.

And Anna Rong as chief of staff acquisition in the United States in the era of the Obama administration before you start work at Amazon on the first of November 2016, as previously worked as the director of the Office of the procurement policy of the Federal Bureau of Public Administration, while I worked before that as a project manager in the General Services Administration in the Office of the government’s general policy and the senior management in the Ministry of Commerce.

And harmonious relationship between Amazon and the administration of President Donald Trump because of the attacks the president repeated through their account official on Twitter against Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon, which also owns The Washington Post, but the pressure from behind the scenes by officials in the Amazon confirms that the company has gathered quietly a number of centres of power which is unmatched with the federal government.

Not yet identifying the companies that will build e-commerce portal the new government of America, but is widely expected to get Amazon on the dominant role, giving it a foothold a key on the market that costs $ 53 billion to buy commercial products Federal.

Also that Amazon is a frontrunner to win a contract separate to the cloud computing know known as the Jedi led by $ 10 billion with the Ministry of defense, which transmits data of the Ministry of Defense to a system of cloud computing business, and Amazon Services cloud for the community of U.S. intelligence, including a contract with the CIA, she can protect even more data confidentiality on the cloud are isolated from the public internet.

The reason for the company’s strength in its defense and intelligence due to their employment in 2011 Stephen Spahn Steven Spano, a former dean of the Air Force, and won the Amazon in the last year contract worth up to $ 5.5 million, making it the main supplier of goods, including stationery and books to tens of thousands of local governments and municipalities throughout the United States.

Says Stacy Mitchell Stacy Mitchell, co-director address-reliance of the local, a group that supports local businesses, the chain of contracts to reflect the ambitions of Amazon in relation to the federal government, as well as state government and local government.

This reflects the company’s decision earlier this year chose the city of Arlington, Virginia adjacent to Washington as one of their new headquarters in the United States to focus on Washington as the client’s most profitable, said Mitchell: “you want Amazon to be the interface between all buyers, government officials and companies that want to sell to the government, this center strong and profitable incredibly”.

Showed messages obtained by submitting an application in accordance with the freedom of Information Act FOIA to Rong has been in contact with Mary responsible agency the GSA, and after that she said the last she will be in Seattle and meeting Anna Rong, focused topic meeting on how to design a government portal e-commerce the new, although the legislation that officially authorizes the establishment of the portal has not already been passed or signed after to turn into a law.

She wrote Anna to Mary in one of the messages sent on September 20, 2017: “if the legislation is enacted, the have a hunch about how they might like through its GSA to deal with this command, you must first choose the service provider, then you need to implement the method in a gradual/phased, but I want to make sure I’m not far away from the attention. That helps me to design and discuss the agenda for our meeting next month”.

I asked the responsible Amazon their counterparts in the agency GSA about Do you have to wait until the legislation is passed before the discussion of this issue, to bring Mary to the administration of President Donald Trump is planning to move forward regardless of the outcome of the project in Congress.

The law imposes a federal waiting period for one year before being employed former senior government officials on the projects they are working in the government, and declined to Amazon for comment on the details of the transaction or to provide any additional information about the meeting of Anna and Mary, the company said that the work of Anna it is compatible with all the rules of ethics of the White House.

She was involved in ongoing discussions with the GSA, and commended the agency, said the GSA in a statement to the Guardian newspaper she met with up to 35 companies in 2017 and 2018 to discuss the trade capacity of the current conducting market research in relation to the Prevention of e-commerce.

It should be noted that it is not clear whether the correspondence is a violation of the law, where they don’t necessarily show any illegal activity, but it reveals at the same time how to use Amazon to government officials, the former who know how things are going internally to assist them in obtaining government contracts are profitable, coupled with a Relations which are not possessed by other competing companies, and how to design the infrastructure of the government through the intervention of Amazon, which gives them a huge advantage.

The gate Arab News Technical Report: Amazon to hire former officials to win government contracts

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