Report: Android apps old would stop working after the release of the Android P


A new report reveals that apps android the old will stop working after the release of the Android P, so after finding the number of developers on the new rules in the copy of the developers preview of Android P, which sets a minimum for the issuance of the “Application Programming Interface”, and in the case of non-success of the app in achieving this minimum, appears a warning message to developers reads: “this application was created for older versions of Android, may not work properly, try checking for updates or contact the developer.”

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Apps Android

According to the published location of the GSM India Forum, a minimum of one running a program in Android P is 17, which refers to a system of Android Jelly Bean 4.2, and even now it is not known whether this will appear as a warning in the latest version of the Android P, or he was going to run the application, has made the company Google has already avoided in the update apps Play Store, through a set of minimum requirements to support the Application Programming Interface for applications that have been newly downloaded.

In this way, it should work all the applications that have been sent recently with the latest versions of Android, while the apps already available that is not being updated can be stopped permanently.

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