Report: Apple buys 270 million screen phones the iPhone next


Revealed a new report of Digitimes about the expectations of some supply chains purchase the Apple company is between 250 and 270 million flat screen for iPhone for 2018, will be about half the screens of the typeOLED , while going to be the Young of the other kind of LCD .

Project applications for Apple’s screens OLED between 110 and 130 million units, and 70 to 80 of them measuring 5.9 inch custom Cell Phone iPhone X The current and the developer, which is expected to retain the same screen size and design, and will use the remaining number, which ranges between 40 and 50 million units for the manufacture of model iPhone least expensive, which will measure the screen of 6.5 inches.

As for the screens the LCD, then use the number ranges between 60 and 70 million of them, measuring 6.1 inches in order to model the iPhone New, which will feature a reasonably-priced, and would use 60 to 70 million other screen measuring 4, 4.7 and 5.5 inches for the manufacture of units of the iPhone 8 and iOS 7 and iPhone SE.

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