Report: Apple download in Europe, Middle East and Africa and Samsung come

Showed the latest report from market research company (idc) IDC that the market for smartphones in the Europe, Middle East and Africa amounted to 83.7 million units in the first quarter of the current year, a decrease of 3.3% from the same quarter of last year, confirming the trends of the modern market slowing.

According to the report, the record of the Middle East, the largest contraction in smartphone sales, which fell by 18.8% from the previous year, but the market African was the fastest growing, reaching 6%, with little change in sales in the European markets.

Report: Apple download in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Samsung come

As for average selling prices, have declined throughout Western Europe, however, the decline in the Middle East was acute. In central and Eastern Europe, have seen average selling prices stable on an annual basis, with average prices still slightly more than half of those in western Europe.

She (Marta Pinto) – Research Manager (IDC Middle East, Europe, Africa) IDC EMEA: “for brands, it has continued to Huawei in achieving gradual progress, as well as the case for Shaw, while the company suffered Apple TV quarter of the Year difficult, if it has a market share of 23% in all over the Europe are the lowest during the first quarter five years ago”.

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With regard to the Samsung – which is still the largest smart phone manufacturer in the world – has seen the fan, as it managed to increase its share by four points compared to the fourth quarter of 2018, but its share decreased by 1.73% compared to the first quarter of 2018.

The report (IDC) that the market for smartphones has changed in the past few quarters, the predictable relatively, it has slowed down the shipments due to the possibility of consumer devices for longer, I have had Apple identified the latest its devices.

The report also noted that Europe has witnessed in the month of April last April to launch the first 5G network in Switzerland, then soon followed by the network EE in the United Kingdom, Vodafone Group in pan-Europe.

Expects (IDC) to be the adoption of the fifth generation in Europe is slower than the fourth generation. Although the smart phones that support 5G will not be available in all parts of the region before the end of the current year, only operators of mobile phone networks are working hard to convince consumers to upgrade early.


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