Report – Apple is considering integrating services, News and music broadcast TV in one subscription cheaper!

Website published a Bloomberg New report stating that Apple is considering the option of integrating its various services in one subscription includes services, News, Apple News+ Music Apple Music and television broadcasts Apple TV+.

تقرير - ابل تدرس دمج خدمات الأخبار والموسيقى والبث التلفزيوني في اشتراك واحد أرخص!Services Apple paid the same monthly subscription

Subscription service the three together will cheaper if compared to the procurement of individual services, three at a time. Which will raise the base of users of services the three.

Subscribe to solo for any of the services mentioned above will remain as is in the case the user wants to subscribe to one service. Also service Apple Arcade games may be included in the package.

Monthly subscription service of news and music is$ 9.99 per service, while the monthly subscription service television broadcasting 4.99$ or the equivalent in local currency for each country.

Last month, the Apple also provide free subscription to the television broadcast service Apple TV+ for students who have a subscription music service for a limited period.

The motives of Apple behind this decision

Apple may provide on this step because there are some media reports that the turnout for the service, Apple News, Apple News+ below average, and the site of advertising services television broadcast new Apple TV+ that make their way amidst the fierce competition with other services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

If the abundance of Apple offer on their services together, you will jointly on it?

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