Report: Apple is investing $ 100 million in the company Young Japan Display

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The company received the tea industry of Japan and Japan Display an investment of $ 100 million from Apple of America as reported by the report of the newspaper Asahi of Japan, where the Apple TV of the biggest clients of the company.

This investment increased the value of the shares of the company increased by 32%, after a difficult period, twice it was to Apple to use OLED displays from Samsung in my copy Xs XS Max of the iPhone last.

While it was a copy of the Xr is the only one that has been supported by the LCD display from Japan Display and arrange their sales for desired profit-making Japanese company, which is considered by 60% on marketing their products to Apple.

The Japan Display close to getting an investment of $ 741 million by a coalition of commercial companies, Taiwanese and Chinese to be so under their control, but they have been postponed by the investor to study the process more broadly.

For her part, didn’t know Apple on the subject as well as the company of young Japanese has neither confirmed nor denied the news is other, and that brings together companies, Chinese Taiwan did not take a final decision on the investment in the company.

It is noteworthy that the timing of the investment of Apple this came in the shadow of the tensions that marred the relationship between Samsung and the US, following the failure to fulfill the last request of the amount of OLED screens for the iPhone previously and agreed upon between the parties, which may expose her to pay compensation to Samsung by such agreement.

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