Report – Apple is preparing to start the transfer of the manufacturing of the iPhone outside of China!

The conflict between the United States and China is still a professional and there are no intentions to calm him down soon, so the reports says that Apple is considering to reduce dependence on sources of production of the iPhone within China in order to avoid any future problems that may harm their interests.

تقرير - آبل تستعد لبدء نقل تصنيع الآيفون خارج الصين!

Report – Apple is preparing to start the transfer of the manufacturing of the iPhone outside of China!

According to the report published on the website of the Nikkei Asian Review, the Apple TV has formally requested from some of its suppliers inside China account the cost of moving outside of China increased by 15-30% of their productive capacity.

International night will move to production processes, Partly are states located in the South-East Asia such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam in addition to India and Mexico.

Suppliers who negotiate with Apple to implement this plan are the companies Foxconn and Pegatron and Western Lucca, Cher went the other. They are the manufacturers key for MacBook iPhone iPad earphone AirPods.

It is worth mentioning that the suppliers Apple TV different more than 800 installations for the manufacture of Apple devices almost half of them in China and Hong Kong, which is what you think Apple TV error strategy requires the patch even to advance their interests than any political conflict-trade may hurt him.

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