Report – Apple is thinking about the future in integrating iOS apps and Mac together!

Skip the Apple TV currently integrate System Apps iOS phones the iPhone and the iPad with apps system macOS by the year 2021 according to a recent report issued by Bloomberg.

تقرير - آبل تفكر مستقبلاً في دمج تطبيقات iOS وماك معاً!

Report – Apple is thinking about the future in integrating iOS apps and Mac together!

This new project aims to make developers able to create apps that can work on all the organs and systems of the Apple TV to drive revenues and profits of the company and the developers of applications via access to a user base greater.

This does not mean at all that Apple will integrate iOS and macOS in a single system – which is denied by Apple over by it – it means the development and application of comprehensive unrestricted operating system specific.

Apple is currently working on the development of a package Development Kit SDK to make it easier for developers to create applications in a comprehensive manner without spending considerable time in writing code for several versions of the app for each operating system, and perhaps is the launch of that package in a conference Apple developers WWDC 2019.

This process is not easy or simple due to the small screen of the iPhone on the screen of the Mac, so this may take the project longer before we see its results on the territory of the condom, the report indicates that the project will achieve its objectives by the year 2021.

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