Report – Apple is working on an upgraded version of Siri is able to analyze user problems!

Voice assistant Siri Siri is a core feature in Apple web that it will evolve more in the future to go beyond the stage of voice recognition with the recognition of the engineers of Apple on the new feature does not make them able to analyze and distinguish the user’s problems.تقرير - ابل تعمل على نسخة مطورة من سيري قادرة على تحليل مشاعر المستخدم!

Apple has already registered a patent to have the patent US allows the personal assistant Siri Siri system use the front camera to track the user’s face and share his feelings and reactions during a conversation with Siri.

You will be able to Siri to identify the core emotion of the user, such as joy, anger, sadness, and exploitation through photography and analysis of facial expression of activated muscle or more in the face.

تقرير - ابل تعمل على نسخة مطورة من سيري قادرة على تحليل مشاعر المستخدم!

Siri will depend on the property of the new to understand voice commands a little deeper and implemented more accurately if what inspired facial expressions that, as well as the assessment of the implementation of the command prompt through the monitoring of the reaction is apparent to the user after the command is executed.

Apple hired several specialists in the field of facial expression analysis and amendment of the video privacy on artificial intelligence for the system to enter new data for Siri, which will reflect positively on their performance and makes them more understanding and intelligent than ever before.

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