Report – Apple is working on the development of sensor fingerprint built-in screen iPhone!

Apple is the first company that brought the technique of fingerprint sensor in smart phone years ago with the iPhone 5s, and it is the first company that made facial recognition technology via the scan in three dimensions with the technology of Face ID, and it looks like it in the near future will take a further step in the technique of locking its phones and its various organs through the development of sensor fingerprint built-in screen!

تقرير - آبل تعمل على تطوير مستشعر بصمات مدمج في شاشة الآيفون!

Report – Apple is working on the development of sensor fingerprint built-in screen iPhone!

According to Chosun Korean the Apple TV works on the sensor fingerprint built-in screen works ultrasonic, “UltraSound”. It is noteworthy that Chinese companies, many are beginning to produce and put up phones sensor fingerprint built-in screen already companies such as Vivo, but it depends on the techniques visually through analysis of the light reflected from the fingerprint.

Other companies such as Samsung and Qualcomm experience is other research similar to the use of ultrasound, but still the details anonymous, and talk to some of the reports about the intention of Samsung to provide this technique with the Galaxy Note 9 the next end of the year.

Fingerprint Sensor built-in screen general the ultrasonic is more accurate and if its components are more expensive compared to the passes of the Visual, optical, and there is also a trend to use the electrical charge in the technical ones.

مستشعر البصمات المدمج في الشاشة في أحد هواتف Vivo

Fingerprint Sensor built-in screen in one of the phones Vivo

Why are Apple to a fingerprint sensor built-in screen?!

If Apple already has the technology Touch ID and Face ID, why go to the new technology and suffered the same trouble the development of sensor fingerprint built-in screen?!

There are several reasons behind it: the intention of Apple to cancel the Home button – as happened in the iPhone X – and this necessarily will be followed by the transfer of Fingerprint Sensor either for the background as is the case in a lot of smart phones or integrated within the screen, the technology Face ID competent to identify on the face has maintained by Apple phones iPhone the most expensive due to the cost of its industry and developed associated with the so will be the technique of fingerprint identification, built inside of the screen is less expensive and more practical for other versions.

Samsung on the other side they seem very interested in that technique and intended to circulate not only on smartphones but also various of their other products such as household appliances and cars.

And to see this technology-intensive year with the expectations of the arrival of the number of devices bearing sensor fingerprint inside the screen to 100 billion devices, and for Apple TV, maybe the year 2019 the first iPhone that technical!

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