Report – Apple may use Sony camera, three-dimensional in the iPhone in the future!

Website published a Bloomberg News Famous a report stating that Apple is interested sensors camera three-dimensional that Sony developed for future use in the imaging system front TrueDepth Camera phones the iPhone and the iPad.

تقرير - آبل قد تستخدم كاميرا سوني ثلاثية الأبعاد في الآيفون مستقبلاً!Report – Apple may use Sony camera, three-dimensional in the iPhone in the future!

Calculate camera three-dimensional developed by Sony based on the technology time of flight Time Of Flight which create the stereoscopic your free 3D for any body depending on the time it takes light in the distance going back and forth between the camera and body to be photographed.

Currently the front-facing camera or imaging system front TrueDepth in phones the iPhone and the iPad later depends on the other technique via the emission of light of Lisa in my head, forming a network of points on the body, then the camera produces three-dimensional image by measuring the rate deviation and the water in the mesh points, as is the method used in the technology of facial recognition Face ID as we know, which is one of the more means of protection developed in the smart phones is superior to competitors.

Though the technology Sony is considered more complex and more accurate compared with the Apple TV, this could push the Apple TV not only in included in the system export front but also in rear camera to take advantage of them in determining the distance and depth of the image and the effects of the Portrait Mode better adjust the focus faster, more accurately, as well as improve the performance of apps and games augmented reality AR.

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